Research Interests

Moving bodies are my primary medium of research. The ways in which the human form can communicate complex ideas and emotions that can impact the viewer; this is what interests me most. My creative process is inspired by the bodies with which I work, creating movement that is unique to the individual, in that moment. The work I create focuses on the relationship of the movement and the sound score, as well as the intersection of the contemporary and the classical.

Additionally, I am concerned with the topics of dance pedagogy and the ethical standards of training future dance teachers, and dance within the community. Much of my career has been spent straddling dance in academia and dance in the private sector. As a former studio owner, I understand some of the misconceptions that studio teachers and students may have about college dance programs. I believe this gives me a unique perspective when working with first-year college students, and when teaching a pedagogy course – where many of the students believe they wish to someday open a dance school. This perspective also allows me to reach out to studios in my community to help educate and bridge the divide that sometimes is present. 

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