Artist Statement

The scope of my work travels across genres and has undergone many evolutions throughout my career. My interests are many and I am open to new approaches within my creative process. I am excited and inspired by the connection of the classical to the current and the structured to the spontaneous. I find fascination in the details of movement and am also drawn to the large groupings and spatial patterns found in corps de ballet.

Giselle cropped

Giselle Act II

I come from a long line of storytellers – tellers of tall tales. I believe storytelling is interwoven into the human experience. What better medium with which to explore those options than the moving body? Through movement I express stories of both abstract thought and narrative. At its core the moving body is a form of communication that all individuals are inherently capable of connecting to. As an artist, I explore this connection of performer and audience member, communicate a story or thought to the viewer, and inspire further dialogue.

7508 (1)

Danielle Boss and Audrey Ortiz in Fractures

The very line that separates the performer from the observer can be utilized to connect them. By creating movement that touches on the everyday, but enhances it in such a way as to become more than average, the observer can picture themselves within the movement.  The experience can thus create kinesthetic empathy. By exploring the space that separates art and entertainment and finding a way to directly link the two, I invite the viewer into a new world. By enticing the observer with something easily accessible, I hope to lead them into a work that goes further than they anticipate.

As a choreographer it is my hope that audiences will leave a presentation of my work eager to discuss what they have experienced. Through this storytelling, seeds are planted; through shared experience, those seeds blossom into something completely new, allowing the evolution of thought to continue.

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